Intro to IP

In today’s business environment, communication – with customers, partners, and suppliers – is critical. Business success is not only built on relationships, quality service, and satisfied customers; but also on operating in a cost-effective manner. With rising costs, business owners are looking for stable and cost effective solutions to traditional business solutions. This is where Voice Over Internet comes into play in today’s business environment.

VoIP, “Voice over Internet” is a digital solution to traditional copper wire telephone POTS lines. Traditionally you would call your local telephone provider to provide dial-tone to your business. Fast forward to today, incredible changes have been made in the telephone market. Today, dial-tone to your business can be provided by your Telco, cable or satellite provider, and even through 3rd party internet companies, which has driven the cost of service way below what traditional copper telephone lines cost your business.

New plans have been developed allowing smaller companies to have metered “pay per minute” service, business free incoming service, and business unlimited services. Services offered include long distance and can cut your monthly telecommunications bill by over 60%, depending on your usage case.

Advisory Solutions is a leader in VoIP. We have standardized our pricing and produce offering on readily available non-proprietary systems and services in order to provide with the best ROI (Return on Investment) in the marketplace. Our strategic partners can service and support your telecommunications needs throughout North America and Canada for a fraction of the cost of traditional service providers. Give us a call and let us start advising your business on saving money.