Although Advisory Solutions performs work on computers of all makes, our goal here is to provide you some guidance in selecting or being more knowledgeable when we propose a new computer for your business.

Most box stores and office supply stores do not sell business computers.  We know that doesnt make sense but its true.

Business class computers are built to sustain use many more hours per day than a personal computer.  Looking at the two, its hard to tell the difference.  In a Dell, the Inspiron is the personal computer and the Optiplex is the business computer, both look identical to the average consumer.  In the HP line, the Pro series are business class computers and the Pavilion are the personal computers.   The other key identifier is the software.  Most business computers that will connect to a business domain should (as of today anyway) be running Microsoft Windows 7 (64bit) Professional.   You can buy Windows 8.1 Pro and join a domain but 8.1 does not include that feature.

The minimum business class processor today should be the Intel i5 with the preference on the i7 for desktops.  A minimum of 4 Gb of Ram with a preferred minimum of 8 Gb for any level of user that spends more than a hour or two a day on their computer is suggested.

Our team will help choose the right computer for your needs.  If you have questions, we are only a call or click away.